Horizontal processing drum

Horizontal continuous processing of large quantities fish raw drum.
Processing drum is intended primarily to descaling, clean the fish and to remove accumulated bacteria. The effectiveness of the washing procedure depends, inter alia, on the kinetic energy of the water stream, ratio of fish volume to water volume and on the water quality. A proper fish: water volume ratio for achieving the desired level of cleanliness is 1:1, however, in practice more water is usually used (twofold).


Model “Eco” “Profi”
Used area, mm L x W x H  2000x1000x3000  3000x1000x3000
Equipment body dimensions, mm L* x W x H  2000x1000x1700  3000x1000x1700
Operating drum dimensions, mm L x Dia  1900×640  2900×640
Produced from: designed for aggressive environments  AISI 316   AISI 316
Power V, Hz, kW  400 V, 50 Hz 1,5 kW   400 V, 50 Hz 1,5 kW 
Water consumption, l/h
Weight, kg NETTO  290  400
Capacity, t/h tons per hour  up 2,5 t  up 3,5 t

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